Thank you for considering donating to Cambridge Crescent.

Your generosity is very much appreciated.

Cambridge Crescent is a 100% volunteer run organization, and as the local and broader convert community needs have been growing very quickly, every bit of help is truly valuable.

Because the community of converts reflects the diversity of the umma, the mother community - and as converts, we belong to no single nationality, culture, class or profession, we are unrepresentable in any social, cultural or national category; so, as such, we cannot qualify for financial support as an underrepresented group.

The money you donate will be used to build the Crescent’s bank of resources to support the Cambridge convert community. Books, courses for converts to Islam, technical support, funding for retreats and future events are all areas that your donation will help make happen!

We are truly grateful – thank you again.

And if you have any questions regarding your donation or how you might also contribute in other ways to the Cambridge Crescent, please contact us at:

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Cambridge Crescent

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