The Cambridge Crescent group provides a wonderful, welcoming space for revert Muslims (and their spouses) to connect and share their journey of embracing and living Islam. 

The regular online and in-person coffee mornings, evening dinners and occasional dhikr sessions provide a vital support service for Muslim brothers and sisters and a place to meet and form new friendships with other converts. The meetings provide a friendly space with warm hearted brothers and sisters who have a real understanding of and compassion for the complex issues that converts often face investing their time and energy into running the group they are passionate about helping and heartening converts, particularly new Muslims. 

The group is a space where we can contemplate on and share the challenges and blessings of becoming and being Muslim, where we can learn more about Islam, draw nearer to God, and where one can discover interesting and inspiring Muslim people, books, events and organisations. We often read books on various aspects of Islam and share our thoughts and experiences around the subject. 

I have been Muslim for 17 years and have attended the group sessions since 2019,and mashaAllah I have found that the group has enriched my life. It has been such a pleasure to meet converts from all walks of life; brothers and sisters who have been Muslim for varying lengths of time, from a few months to a few decades. Every time I attend a group gathering, I find my soul uplifted, my imaan strengthened and sweetened, and I leave feeling inspired, closer to Allah Almighty and full of gratitude for the Cambridge Crescent group, alhamdulillah. Thank you to the facilitators and all the volunteers for this fantastic group! Allah bless and reward you all and may the group bring baraka to many more Muslims. Ameen! 

- Sister Jay

As a convert, a feeling of not fitting in has followed me throughout my life, from the many Eids spent alone to the days spent sitting quietly in the masjid surrounded by those speaking a language I don't understand. Alhamdulilah, thanks to the Cambridge Crescent, I've finally found a place where I don't feel strange—a place where I can be myself among others who won't wonder if I converted so I could marry my wife or expect me to understand Islam in a particular cultural mode. Cambridge Crescent has given me a chance to have meaningful conversations and relationships with my fellow strangers who found their way to Islam, and for that I'm incredibly grateful. 

- J O

It is helpful to be part of a support that is diverse, the perspectives I received of males and females, of new and not so new converts, and of born Muslims who are married to converts, has helped to widen my understanding about myself and my surroundings. I live far away and haven't yet met the group in person, but the online sessions gave me such a warm and friendly vibe that I feel I am a group veteran. We also have great access to scholars and experts who can help with our burning questions and struggles. Also, we have a great connection to other support groups, which makes me feel the world is all a friendly place. I cannot thank the people running the group enough for making me feel listened to, supported and valued. 

- AV H

"Joining Cambridge Crescent just over a decade ago was a true blessing. Treading those first steps, with so much to learn and navigate, was made so much easier through the support of this wonderful group."

Being a Muslim has been transformational in all aspects of my life. I have gained new perspective and awareness in my journey as I discover the intersection of religion with culture, gender, and life experiences in building my own religious identity.

Sam Shemi - Revert since Nov 2018.

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