Welcome to your local convert community

Cambridge Crescent is a volunteer run group, dedicated to supporting anyone who has recently taken the testimony of faith (shahadah), is curious about Islam or has converted to Islam many years ago. All are welcome.

People who are interested in learning about or experiencing Islam while at university or work in Cambridge, have found the group through referrals from the Abu Bakr Mosque, via people in the community and more recently, through the Cambridge Central Mosque. Since the opening of the Central Mosque in 2019, Cambridge has witnessed a significant increase in the number of newcomers to Islam, with people coming from all over the UK as well as abroad to enter into the faith.

Our group includes women and men from all walks of life who meet to talk freely, ask questions and share experiences. We provide coffee and cake, and a safe space to explore and guide each other through our journey. We arrange lectures, informal talks, events and retreats and social gatherings.

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